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Cyber Crime Investigation Professional

Cyber crime , Cyber Warfare, Hackers and Hacking , Online Economic frauds etc are few words that coined in our mind when we heard the term Cyber Crime with some scenes of hi-tech movies showing some live and real hacking. When we talk about cyber crime, we have to expand our thoughts beyond the physical boundaries of our area or better our nation as we know that these types of crime do not have any physical boundaries and just at click of mouse the crime is committed..
To understand and investigate these types of crime we need a thorough study of components related to crime, set of applicable laws and a group of resource people that are expertise in their respective domains. So here we just try to encapsulate various components at one place to have a very strong foundation with covering all the tools and techniques to counter as well as to investigate the crime in smart manner. Mainly cases involving social media, Credit / debit card fraud, email related crimes, defamation and extortion, data theft etc are reported, and to understand these types of cases we need equally talented forces that can think like a professional cyber criminals to investigate the crime. .

Course Objectives

This training program is specially designed for Law Enforcement agencies personnelís, Defense services, Cyber-Cells and for various other agencies dealing in Crime, Cyber Crime and Digital Economic crimes etc. This training program will provide all the tools and technique to counter Cyber crime and as well to investigate the related case in professional sound manner. Course will also cover topics related to Information Security domains such as Ethical Hacking, Information security, Network security, Penetration testing etc. and hence equipping the trainee with all the nitty-gritty involved in this domain.

  • To make very clear and concrete image of Cyber Crime Domain under standards rules and laws.
  • To provide all conceptual and practical knowledge to counter all types of cyber-attacks in a professional manner.
  • To provide training on real time situations to have better understanding of every minute concept.
  • Special emphasis on Standard operational Procedure followed in any investigation Process .

Course Benefits:-

  • Class a part content and modules.
  • Greater emphasis on practical and real scenario.
  • Industry relevant practices and standard working procedures.
  • Project work/ Assignment on each module to test the grip on particular topic.
  • Case study of live cases to have better concept and understanding.

Benefits for Law Enforcement Agencies:-

  • Will help in investigating all digital Crime, Social media Crime etc.
  • Maintaining and following All Standard policies during the investigation process .
  • Induction in various departments as I.T officers, Cyber Crime Cells and Digital investigation Agencies.
  • Huge demand in Private as well as in Government Sectors to counter Cyber Attacks.

Who should attend?

  • Law Enforcement and other related agencies
  • Cyber Law Professionals

Course Duration: - 60 Hour

Course Outline