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Secure Digital Professional

Cyber Zone Certified Secure Digital Professional is one of the most demanded & useful Course for everyone person who is using digital media. This course is designed by security experts; the program covers all aspects of Digital Security.The purpose of this program is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their digital information assets.
Present era is now immersed in advancement of technology, we are moving to towards digital world, everything is being digitalized, But digitalization have both positive and negative impacts. One of the negative impacts is the large increase in new "information" threats such as virus and backdoors, identity theft, credit card fraud, online banking, phishing scams, virus and backdoors, emails fraud, sex offenders lurking online, loss of confidential information and social engineering. The number of threats and reported computer related incidents are increasing at a tremendous rate. .
Internet usage is also growing expeditiously and now we concerns about its security, especially when it comes to things like consumer information or private details. It is very important to use appropriate and secure information handling practices to protect these types of information. There is considerable need of awareness in information security to use digital media safely. This class will propitiate students into an interactive environment where they will acquire fundamental understanding of computer security, network security, internet security, mobile security, secure online transaction, IT Act & Related Laws.

Course Objectives

This training program provides the student with the knowledge and proficiency in order to protect your sensitive information and privacy. It will give very concrete base to make their career in Information Security and related domains such as Information security, Network security, Penetration testing, Ethical Hacking etc. By equipping trainee with all the nitty-gritty involved in this domain.

  • To make very clear and concrete image of Digital Security under standards rules and laws.
  • To provide appropriate and secure information handling practices to protect these types of information.
  • To provide all conceptual and practical knowledge to counter all types of cyber-attacks in a professional manner.
  • In-depth view around key points of risks within your information security plan and environment.
  • To provide training on real time situations to have better understanding of every minute concept.

Course Benefits:-

  • Greater emphasis on real world scenario.
  • You will get good knowledge and proficiency in order to ensure that, there are no security flaws
  • You will be prepared to defend against threats in cyberspace
  • Better Decision making in order to handle sensitive information
  • Discussion to test the grip on particular topic.

Career Benefits:-

  • A strong foundation for long term career in Information Security Domain.
  • An edge for your competitors as an extra knowledge and Area of work.
  • Emerging career, high market value with evergreen scope and rise.
  • Huge demand in Private as well as in Government Sectors to counter Cyber Attacks.

Who should attend?

  • Computer Enthusiasts
  • Internet Users
  • School and College Students
  • Banking Employees
  • Law Enforcement Employees
  • Law Professionals

Course Duration: - 16 Hour

Course Outline