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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tester Professional

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tester Professional course trains students to be proficient in conducting vulnerability assessments & exploiting the vulnerability through Penetration Testing. It is very valuable course that can benefit any information security program. Vulnerability Assessments& Penetration Testing both are integral components of a Threat and Vulnerability Management process. This training will help you reach your ultimate goal to become most demanded IT Professional. The purpose of this is course to evaluate the security, it is a proactive form of information security. Organizations today recognize the strong need for information security, for the purpose of finding and fixing network and computer security vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tester Professional training encompasses an interactive environment, various security tools and hands-on experience which ensures that each of the student is well prepared to deal with the ever-increasing range of threats to the digital Environment.Vulnerability Assessments&Penetration Testing performs two different tasks, usually with different results, within the same area of focus.
Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in an environment. It is an in-depth evaluation of your information security posture, indicating weaknesses as well as providing the appropriate mitigation procedures required to either eliminate those weaknesses or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk.
Penetration testing is the exploitation of vulnerabilities;Penetration test simulates the actions of an external and/or internal cyber attacker that aims to breach the information security of the organization. Using many tools and techniques, the penetration tester (ethical hacker) attempts to exploit critical systems and gain access to sensitive data.

Course Objectives

This training program provides the student with the knowledge and proficiency in identifying security weaknesses and exploiting the security loopholes in order to evaluate the security. It will give very concrete base to make their career in Information Security and related domains such as Information security, Network security, Penetration testing, Ethical Hacking etc. By equipping trainee with all the nitty-gritty involved in this domain.

  • To make very clear and concrete image of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing under standards rules and laws.
  • Determine which vulnerabilities are exploitable and the degree of information exposure
  • To provide all conceptual and practical knowledge to counter all types of cyber-attacks in a professional manner.
  • In-depth view around key points of risks within your information security plan and environment.
  • To provide training on real time situations to have better understanding of every minute concept.
  • Special emphasis on Standard operational Procedure followed in any testing process (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing).

Course Benefits:-

  • Greater emphasis on real world scenario.
  • You will get good knowledge and proficiency in order to ensure that, there are no security flaws.
  • You will be prepared to defend against threats in cyberspace.
  • Better understanding of Identifying and quantifying in-depth vulnerabilities.
  • Discussion to test the grip on particular topic.

Career Benefits:-

  • A strong foundation for long term career in Information Security Domain.
  • An edge for your competitors as an extra knowledge and Area of work.
  • Emerging career, high market value with evergreen scope and rise.
  • Huge demand in Private as well as in Government Sectors to counter Cyber Attacks.

Who should attend?

  • Students
  • IT Students & Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Law Professionals

Course Duration: - 80 Hour

Course Outline