Cyber Zone Technologies

CZCNA (Cyber Zone Certified Network Administrator)


In this Global cyber world we need to be interconnected if we want to stay in the market , from local office to Big MNC ,we need networking at every level , from L.A.N to Cloud Computing we need interconnections and that to in standard manner with all protocols following global standards to maintain the data flow in well planned manner. The need of network administrators is always there in every company and this course make you industry ready with advantage of industry exposure and hands of practice on real ongoing projects.

Course Outline

Module 1. Introduction of Networking

Module 2. Network terminology

Module 3. Networking Protocols and Devices

Module 4. Transmission media

Module 5. Topology

Module 6. TCP/IP Stack and OSI Layer

Module 7. I.P addressing & Subnetting

Module 8. LAN management and cabling

Module 9. Network operating system

Module 10. Peer to Peer networking

Module 11. Client server networking

Module 12. Domain and workgroup

Module 13. Networking servers

Module 14. Networking trouble shooting

Module 15. Internet connection sharing